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Hey, what’s up? Welcome to BlueAlpine.

We grow Brands

Hey, what’s up? Welcome to BlueAlpine.

We grow Brands

What WE do

Built & Create

For us, it’s all about building and creating. May it be a venture, a marketing campaign or shooting an image film. We’re not into wasting your time.

Do you want to create something? Show us your vision and we’re evaluating it if it works. The best part, we’re doing most creative work in house.

Precise Strategies

We advise companies in strategy, design and user experience related questions. And support you in all aspects of growth, branding, visuals and design strategies.

By using precise data, experience, and trends to give you a crystal clear recommendation if your endeavor is worth your time.

What We focus on

Brand Building & Marketing

We create contemporary & individual customer experiences, build ventures, start-ups, products, and campaigns that benefit you & your clients. Grow to unknown heights with distinct strategies, emotions, and experiences.


  • Implementation of Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM)
  • Start-Ups, Ventures, and Products
  • Brand Building
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Campaigns

Visuals & DESIGN

We create vivid imagery, promotional videos
& lasting impressions. You only get the content that really works. Nothing more!


  • Photography & Film
  • Individual Content
  • Image Films and Experience Videos
  • Stunning Ads
  • Design Elements & Visual Statements
  • Corporate Design & Identity

Growing Ventures

We help to grow startups, business units, products and even test your ideas. No matter at which point your venture currently is, We help you grow your idea from start to finish.

You already have a sound strategy and just need execution? Perfect, We’ll carry on from there. You just have a basic idea? No worries, We got you covered and elaborate, test and grow to a point where you take over. If it doesn’t work out, we are telling you right away. 

What it’s about

  • Competitor and Market Analysis
  • Growth Marketing
  • Launch of a digital unit, startups, and products
  • Product- and go-to-market strategies
  • Market-Evaluation and Growth Strategies
  • Buyer-Persona Analysis
  • Prototyping and Testing
  • Branding and Marketing Strategies


Bld. & Crt.

Want to know more about us and how we work?

We always elaborate first, test and then go live!

Brands we Worked WIth

We develop individual solutions for every project we work on

As humans we put our trust in stories and want to share experiences. Therefore we feel the need to be part of a tribe, of a community. That’s why we buy certain brands.


Who We Are

We are passionate about building & growing. We love visual statements, precise strategies and life changing products. We develop creative ideas of how a brand can make it in this digital age. 


We’re eager to change the way how brands & people communicate with their customers, employees and partners. How to tell vibrant & authentic stories with the use of vivid imagery and film. We want to experience growth at first hand and only then seem our mission complete.

Mario Schaefer

What we write about

How to build consumer-oriented products

How to build consumer-oriented products

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The Visual Element of Branding

The Visual Element of Branding

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