12 Jan, 2020

The importance of emotional content to connect with your customers

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I bet every one of us has already watched countless commercials, ads and other videos where you felt that they really connected with yourself. The result probably was, that you wanted to know more about the promoted product. You checked out the companies website and even ordered a piece of it. This is why emotional content works in advertising.

Surely, there are many other factors to consider when a purchase is imminent. A real need, product features and even brand recognition. 

Nonetheless, how often did you buy something just because you saw an ad that promoted a product you really felt connected to? Too often.

Why emotional content so important

When we buy products, may it be a new laptop, a smartphone, shoes or just some new pair of jeans, we usually search for products which suit our personality. And, since this impacts the way we feel, every purchase comes with an emotional connection to said product. 

Let me give you some examples: 

Automotive: The way Audi introduces their new cars

With this short, yet precise commercial Audi showcases the highlights of the A7 in a superb way. They start off with the car driving through a layer of fog and the dusk of the day showing the headlights and a part of the car in all its beauty. They commence with an epic sunrise between some buildings and finish off with the car heading into the parking lot. That’s when the real magic happens. Audi highlights the unique features of the A7. The rear LED lights, the interior, and the cockpit. 

What they do

They connect this technologic advanced machine to the sunrise of a new day and to nature. By doing so, the consumer is shown what a new day, together with the A7 is capable of. Subsequently, the interior is shown in detail. Using almost macro shots for the interior, concentrating on structures and materials lets you focus on the details and quality.

Hospitality: How Kempinski uses emotional videos to promote their hotels

Hospitality can be tough to promote since most hotels, at least in the five-star category do provide the same amenities and services. So the question arises, how do you let your hotel stand out from the crowd? 

What they do

In this short clip, the Taschenbergpalais in Dresden shows future guests how a day can look like when spending the night at their beautiful location. This is done through close-up shots of the main subject and expression of feelings such as relief and happiness.

They furthermore use wider shots to show the surroundings and the hotel’s interior design. But what’s most important, in this short clip, they tell a very distinct story of a single person. She is visiting Dresden and the Kempinksi Taschenbergpalais to relax and go to the opera. By doing so, the viewer gets a glimpse of what he may experience himself.

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How to identify triggers that support a buying decision

Finding triggers or disruptions to explicitly support a buying decision you need to in-depth analyze consumer behavior. This can be either done the old-fashioned way which means head out into the world and ask your potential buyers. Regarding our example of Audi, ask which key aspects they have in mind when it comes to buying a new car. 

Engagement Triggers

Things like sound, engine power, top speed, quality or design are just a few you want to look out for. And remember, when talking about cars people want to see what their potential new car is capable of. Present it an intriguing and interesting way. Have a look at what your direct competitors are doing and add some more “spice” to it. Don’t be satisfied with the status quo and experiment. 

“Think about the time when Tesla’s Cybertruck was showcased in 2019, and they hit it with a sledgehammer and a Ball of Steel. Funny thing is, the window broke. You now can argue about whether it was an “accident” or a staged PR stunt.”

Taking a look at our hospitality example, focus on the unique traits your hotel and location has to offer. If you are located near the beach, use this as for your advantage and make sure to incorporate the beach lifestyle into a video. Should you be located near an opera (or another landmark, take into consideration to adopt a more classical theme to your ads. 

But what’s even more crucial is, that people like to relive experiences, they want to know what they are getting for their money. 

Think about, why do you think so many brands collaborate with influencers that are authentic and trustworthy? Most of them show you exactly what a product is capable of and even how it works. 

This means, always look at your surroundings, your brand identity and the customers you already have.

How to create emotional content

To create content with an emotional touch or at least content that raises emotions within your clients or customers you need to be aware of your brand identity. Remember, you are unique, and so is the service or product you want to sell. 

There are numerous ways you can raise emotions.

A thing that mostly works is to incorporate nature into your ads or show authentic emotional reactions to your service or product.

Here are some ideas you can use for your next campaign:

  • Sunrises, sunsets, vast landscapes and close-up shots of the object trigger the need to experience it yourself. 
  • People that use your product authentically provide believable insights on what you can expect. 
  • Use music to your advantage – Try watching a commercial without sound. You quickly realize how boring a commercial can be. Fill your video with desire, love, and hopefulness. Trigger a desire to own a product. 
  • Using images: Like every ad, images need to disrupt your user to lead to an engagement. Depending on your industry, choose images that form a connection with your product and the user. Be experimental and bold to trigger a “wow” effect. 

A final idea: No matter what your industry is or what kind of product you are selling, you have to realize that in the end, humans buy products based on their experience and needs. With this in mind, try to bond with your user on an emotional level from the beginning.

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