12 Apr, 2019

The Visual Element of Branding

Von MarioSchaefer
Visual Elements of Branding

A clear, recognizable (corporate) design of you, your website, business cards and content is a factor you should keep an eye on. Express who you are in a visual way. A consequent and unique look will get you recognized and adds value to your brand.

If you take a look at some of the worlds most prominent brands and top tier companies, they all have one thing in common: A clear, structured and explicit Corporate Design which gets them recognized from all over the world by millions of people daily.

Nike – An Example

We could use any Fortune 500 company as an example, but let’s stick to “NIKE” for know. “NIKE” is mainly identified for its unrivaled Logo. The prominent “Hook” makes sure to let the Brand stand out from its direct competitors. Have you ever walked around the streets and have seen a pair of sneakers on another person’s feet. Asked yourself, which brand they are from? With the “swoosh” logo, you literally see that they’re from “NIKE”.

How Google does it

Another great example how visuals are used to brand. Have you ever hear of “Google”? I bet you have. It’s another great example how visuals are used to brand. Their simple, yet unmistakable logo not only is a visual key element to their brand, but also is widely used as a verb. To “google” has established itself as a fixed term in our used language and is being utilized by millions of people on a daily basis. Taking a look at Googles Material Design, and the fact that they use it in every app, on their website, gadgets and devices is a great example how they get incorporate traditional design with modern aspects of technology and how “Visual Elements” are a beneficial to be identified as a brand.

Elements to Visual Branding

A Logo and some fancy design elements surely are worth investing some time and money in, but there’s so much more to focus on when it comes to developing an explicit design philosophy.

Colors, UX (User Experience) design, font styles, your brand name and even the way you are seen & behave in public are components to look out for as well. A great way to stand out is to use individual & personalized images. If you want to get your brand to next level you might want to think hiring a photographer & videographer to produce some high res images and for an overkill element even a promotional video. I might know one who could help you with that.

Developing a design can be quite frustrating and can take multiple weeks to finish. Getting professional help is a must if you’re not the creative type or just don’t have enough time to do it yourself.


In conclusion, there are multiple elements which create a recognizable (corporate) design and add value to you, your brand and company and is next to publishing valuable content & Storytelling a key element in building a successful brand.

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