12 Apr, 2019

What is content marketing

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Content Marketing

As important as the visual aspect might be, to get recognized in the crowded online space a brand / company / individual needs content. This means the need for vital and valuable information is more important than ever.

Before I get ahead of myself, there’s one thing everybody, every company, every freelancer and “influencer” needs to ask himself. “

Why should anyone buy my products, use our services or work together?”

So your thinking “but my products are great, I got lots of experience etc…” and this should be the reason alone to do it. Yet, next to quality and skill, you need to provide value and make sure to tell a believable as well as authentic story. That way you start building trust.

Depending on the niche you have positioned positioned yourself this can be done in various ways.

Consumer products are probably the things most of us are familiar with, but also can be tough to sell if you are not using the right tools.

Let’s say you are building a brand (or have already established one) which is positioned in the fashion industry and sells clothes. You already build a website, got a decent & authentic Corporate Design and your products are of high quality.

Unternehmenswachstum und Datengetriebenes Marketing
Content Marketing

To spread the word of your awesome new products you can use and focus on “3” Funnels:

  1. Social Marketing
  2. Influencer Marketing
  3. Content Marketing

In this case all of them have one purpose in common: TO CREATE CONTENT

Creating valuable content for your online / offline presence, catalogues, flyers and stores is also a key element in your future marketing strategy.

To implement the above steps, you could start as follows:

  1. Contact Influencers to create viable content that fits your needs and let them post it on their social media presence. Make sure to get their content in a high quality (high res imagery, Full HD / 4K Video) format. Yet what’s most important, explicitly set up a collaboration agreement in order to use the content commercially. Additionally, a crucial part is to do your research and only collaborate with influencers that truly fit your style, vision and mission. There’s no point in working with someone who doesn’t fit your needs.
  2. Reuse and upload the content on multiple platforms (such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.) and setup social media marketing campaigns to drive sales, generate leads and build a great online presence on your relevant social channels. More importantly, you’d have the chance to build a great community of people who not only love your products, but also provide insights and valuable opinions .
  3. As a third step, or let’s say it’s an ongoing thing. You need to build a community! You need real people who like to engage with you, love your content and products.
  4. Provide valuable insights on your blog, in videos and stories on your socials. These insights can vary in design, style and content. Using our example from earlier, the fashion industry got some incredible options how you can show your audience a thing or two about your business. Show your customers, your community how your products are made. Literally show them! Head out into production, grab a camera and create a video. Talk about the many steps needed to design and produce a jeans. Show them how you decide which fabric to use, how the colorization process is done etc. There are some many ways how this can be done. Trust me, do it and be different. Tell a story!

In conclusion, the main goal of “Content” is to build a community and trust in your services or products. Additionally, by creating valuable content, you also start telling a story and create emotions, a reason to buy your stuff…

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