12 Apr, 2019

What is Personal Branding

Von MarioSchaefer
personal branding

What is personal branding? A question, that not only is important, but also easy to answer. May it is a company or a person, personal branding basically is how you are perceived by your colleagues, (future) business partners, the public, and even your family. Regarding this fact, it is mainly controlled by yourself and can be used as a powerful marketing & communication tool.

In any case, you might be wondering, why would I need personal branding?

Have you ever wanted to sell a service, been looking for a new job, or even just googled someone you were interested in hiring or to work with? Have you ever thrown a party in high school and invited the entire school to join you (even the ones you didn’t like or know)? By doing this you were the cool kid, even if just had mediocre popularity?

By throwing a party you pushed your popularity to an all new high and were now part of the “cool” kids in town.

In adulthood it is a bit more complicated, yet the strategy is quite the same.

Back to the future (Great movie btw)….

Personal Branding

Imagine you are being googled. Do you like it what would be found? Did they find anything at all? Who are you? Let’s say they find something sketchy like some pictures of you being drunk and making a mess.

Now ask yourself, would you want to work with someone like this? Probably not! But by using a precise and tailored branding strategy, you can not only avoid such situations but also control what you put out there and when.

There are many options and ways how to build a personal brand and even build a business out of it.

Being authentic, natural, the true you is the way to start building. People quickly sense when there’s something fake going on. So don’t just use any bots, or online services that do it for without knowing who you are and what you are doing. So if you want to rock your personal Branding you should look into that.

The consequence will be devastating as well as a huge impact on your career and business. As Warren Buffett once said: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

Personal Branding – What you should do

Work on your values, mission & vision, and your unique value proposition. This is the very foundation your personal brand is built on.

As important as your values etc. are, the way you act and present yourself on the outside (in public, talking with colleagues, etc) is of as much value. As I already explained in this article there are key elements you need to keep in mind as well. As branding is composed of three to four main components.

A logo, a website, the way you dress and your social media presence are just some of those actors.

To sum things up

Speaking of social media, everybody is using it (more or less) Using social channels like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to get your content read, watched and heard by millions of people out there scales your brand to the next level. By posting valuable content, you not only provide valuable insights into your niche but also build trust and a reputation people/companies are eager to consume.

In conclusion, personal branding is a powerful self-marketing, growth and communication tool. It helps individuals to stand out in a crowded world and even change one or two things crucial to them. 

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